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Pro Chef 1: Art, Science & Basic Techniques

This 14 class professional culinary program is for anyone who wants to learn modern cooking techniques,  elevate their home cooking skills (hosting dinner or holiday parties!), or looking to pursue a career in the culinary industry.

  • Teens (16 & up)  interested in pursuing a career in the Culinary Industry
  • At-home cooks who want to elevate their skills, knowledge, and techniques
  • Owning/operating a food-related business

PRO CHEF 1 ART, SCIENCE & BASIC TECHNIQUES                        

Class 1 Think Like a Chef, Knife Skills

Class 2 How to Season, Fresh Herbs, Bloom, Toast, & Grind Spices

Class 3 Brine, Pan Sear & Roast

Class 4 Temper, Scald, Infuse

Class 5 Marinate, Grill, Broil

Class 6 Cook, Puree, Rice, Blend

Class 7 Blanch, Shock, Boil, Skim, Steam, Clarify

Class 8 Sweat, Saute, Brown

Class 9 Stir Fry, Steam Fry, InstaPot

Class 10 Emulsify, Whisk, Clarify

Class 11 Dredge, Bread, Pan Fry, Deep Fry

Class 12 Sous Vide, Poach, Simmer

Class 13 Caramelize, Deglaze, Reduce

Class 14 Cook for Family & Friends

Student Chefs will select a menu from dishes made in Classes 1-13 and practice cooking on the line to present a meal to family and friends.

Upcoming Sessions

Sep 11

Pro Chef 1: Art, Science & Basic Techniques (Fall 2022)

September 11 @ 8:30 am - 12:30 pm