Pro Chef Series

The Professional Chef Series is designed to teach you the culinary foundation necessary to launch your career, whether the objective is to work in a kitchen, open your own food related business, change your career, or expand your knowledge to make you the best cook you can possibly be. Students will receive a certificate of achievement upon completion of each series. If you are serious about getting a professional culinary school level of instruction, this series is geared towards you.

Professional Chef: The Foundation, meets once a week for 24 weeks OR Accelerated Pro Chef . This course covers Classical French Cooking techniques, as they apply to classic and contemporary dishes.  The chef will give a lecture, usually with a demonstration, and then the students will prepare the dishes, working in teams of 2, with a limit of 12 students to a class. The chef will provide guidance as you work, teaching you tricks of the trade as you progress.  The class will present the dishes at the end of class and taste them along with the chef, who will educate your palate and inspire your imagination. We want you to gain knowledge of not just how to perform all basic cooking techniques but also the kitchen science behind our methods.  Culinary confusion will be transformed into kitchen confidence, and you will leave knowing how to make your ingredients yield maximum flavor.

Class 1: How to Think Like a Chef and Knife Skills
Class 2: Stocks
Class 3: Soups
Class 4: Classic (Mother) Sauces
Class 5: Contemporary Sauces
Class 6: Eggs and Cheese
Class 7: Salads and Cold Appetizers
Class 8: Hot Appetizers
Class 9: Classic Vegetables
Class 10: Contemporary Vegetables
Class 11: Potatoes and Pasta
Class 12: Grains and Pulses
Class 13: Poultry Dry Heat techniques
Class 14: Poultry Wet Heat Techniques
Class 15: Beef
Class 16: Pork
Class 17: Charcuterie, Paté and Sausage Making
Class 18: Lamb and Veal
Class 19: Fish
Class 20: Shellfish and Seafood
Class 21: Bread
Class 22: Pastry
Class 23: Cakes
Class 24: Iron Chef


Cost (Paid in Full) – $3250 for the 24 class series

*Chef Tech does not offer financial aid but will finance the program cost over the course of your series.

Deposit at registration – $650

Class 1 – $650
Class 4 – $650
Class 8 – $650
Class 12 – $650
Class 16 – $650

Cost (with Payment Plan) – $3,900 for the 24 class series

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Upcoming Sessions

Jan 10

Winter Pro Chef 1 – A 24 Class Series

January 10, 2021 @ 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
$825 – $3300