Kid’s Birthday Parties

birthday party hats
2 hour party  ~ $480 min. ~ Up to 12 guests ~ Ages 5-12
Additional Guests ~ $40 ea ~ Maximum 24 guests

With our experienced crew of instructors, kids make and bake cupcakes
and then prepare a meal from scratch by themselves!
Entree (choose 1)
Hand-Formed Individual Cheese/Pepperoni Pizzas
Handmade Fettuccine Pasta/Alfredo Sauce
Fresh Tomato Basil Soup/Grilled Fontina Cheese Sandwiches
Cupcake Flavor  (choose 1)
Vanilla ~ Chocolate ~ Red Velvet
Frosting Flavor (Choose 1)
Vanilla Buttercream ~ Chocolate Buttercream ~ Cream Cheese

*We supply lemon ice water for staying hydrated during class.
You are welcome to bring in your own juice boxes or non-alcoholic beverages to serve to your guests free of charge. Please note we do not allow any outside food to brought in.
If you would like to serve food or alcoholic beverages to non-participating guests, here are your options;
Each Feeds Approx. 8 Adults ~ $40 Each
Vegetable Platter
Veggie Crudite w/Cannellini Bean Dip
Salad Platter
Shaved Fennel Parmesan Bistro Salad
Pizza Platter (3 ea small) 
Cheese ~ Pepperoni ~ Roasted Garlic Fontina
Alcoholic Beverage Service
$10 per bottle/six-pack corkage fee.
We supply the glassware, openers, ice, and clean-up
Cupcake Platter ($30/$60)
12 Cupcake Patter/24 Cupcake Platter

Use the form below to give us some of the details for your party and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!