Welcome to Chef Tech!
Chef Tech Cooking School in Long Beach, CA, is a cooking school for all ages and skill levels. In addition to our Professional ChefProfessional Baking and Beginner Cooking series, we offer culinary workshops, kids’ cooking classes and kids’ cooking camps, as well as cooking parties and special events! Check out our schedule or contact us for more information!

Six different weeks and themes to choose from.
Morning and afternoon sessions available.
Kids are introduced to basic cooking skills and kitchen safety under the supervision of our staff. Each day campers will prepare an entire meal from scratch. Menus feature fresh, healthy ingredients, with a side order of fun!

WEEK ONE- July 13th-17th
Get Your Kicks! Route 66 Road Trip
WEEK TWO- July 19th-24th
Noodles, Chopsticks and Woks! 
WEEK THREE- July 27th-31st
It’s All About the Kids! Favorite Meals Camp 
WEEK FOUR- August 3rd-7th
Weird Science Cooking Camp: Crank Up the Heat!
WEEK FIVE- August 10th-14th
Sweet and Savory Baking Camp
WEEK 6- August 17th-21st
Food Network Stars Cooking Camp: Bam!
**Be sure to register early. Camps fill up fast!


2 FOR $90
Cobblers, Crumbles, Crisps and Home Made Ice Cream
Wednesday, April 29th
6:30-9 pm
How to Chop, Slice, and Dice Like a Chef
Tuesday, May 5th
6:30-8:30 pm
It’s All About the Fond! Pan Sauce Workshop
Friday May 8th
6:30-9 pm
Bistro Steak and Potatoes
Friday May 15th
6:30-9 pm
Sausage Making: Not the Same Old Grind!
Friday, May 22nd
6:30-9 pm
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Click on any class to view the menu and register.
*Children ages 12 and up are welcome to take these classes if they are taking them along with an adult.




Pro Chef Series

Wonder how to fit a Culinary Program into your schedule? Our Professional Chef Series is convenient for working people because the 24 week series meets once a week for four hours on evenings or weekends.

Kids Cooking School

Chef Tech Kids Cooking School simplifies basic measuring, mixing, and cooking TECHniques to give your child familiarity and confidence in the kitchen.

Workshops Cooking Classes

Chef TECH Workshops are designed to focus on a single topic, food, event, or holiday. From the Art of the Knife to holiday baking classes, check out our workshops for a unique culinary experience!

Beginners Series

Chef TECH Cooking School designed Beginners Series 1 and 2 to make you comfortable in the kitchen. Our chefs thoroughly explain basic cooking TECHniques, knife skills, how to work in an organized and efficient manner, and sanitation.